The Sea of Japan Kirakira Uetsu Tourism Area Recommended Activity List

  • Nikaho
    Activity: Nakajimadai and Shishigahana Trekking
     The big tree forests of Nakajimadai and Shishigahana feature beech trees of all fascinating shapes and sizes, creating a mysterious space filled with life. The area is also popular as a trekking spot. You can become even closer to the mysterious forests while being guided around the area.

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【遊佐町 施設外観】IMG_5032
  • Yuza
    Activity: Shirai Shizenkan Handmade Activities
     There are many different activities depending on the season. There are activities where you can make New Year’s soba by hand, bamboo bowl and chopstick making in spring and fall, and pizza making in summer, among others.

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【酒田市 傘福作り体験 (1)_sizedown
  • Sakata
    Activity: Kasafuku Ornament Making
     Kasafuku ornaments used to be used as decorations for religious festivals, as well as an offering in the Kannon faith. Today it is used as both and is displayed as a wish for people’s happiness, each decoration holds its own meaning. Here you can experience making Kasafuku ornaments yourself.

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Feeling the eternal history of breathing and the beauty of nature in each season at Yamabushi
  • Tsuruoka
    Activity:Yamabushi Training Experience
     It is said that people who visit the sacred Dewa Sanzan mountains are reborn. Yamabushi training is a training in which you will take back your life with a renewed sense of your power. The training is very tough and includes fasting, water fasting, and other religious rituals. In this experience, put on the traditional white clothing, separate yourself from the everyday world, and experience a portion of Shugendo training in the sacred Dewa Sanzan mountains.

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  • Tozawa
    Activity: Experience Country Life on a Farm
     There are six farms where you can stay in the village, and each season has farming activities for you to experience. What you can do depends on the season, but what’s sure is that you’ll see wisdom and farming methods passed down for many generations and meet new people while experiencing life in Japan’s countryside.

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Kurt Soleil Mogami River Racing Kart Experience in Shonai Town
  • Shonai
    Activity: Cart Soleil Mogami
     Feel like a racer at the largest cart racetrack in Tohoku! This JAF-recognized permanent racing cart course is the largest in Tohoku at 1063 m. It hosts events such as the All-Japan Championship and series races. Top racers come to test their skills. 1-person carts can reach a maximum speed of 70 km, but it is said that the sensory acceleration is double, so that racers feel the thrill of racing at 140 km. There are also 2-person rental carts for families. Visitors can easily experience cart racing for themselves.

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  • Murakami
    Activity: Shiobiki Salted Salmon Making
      Every November and December, Japan’s first salmon museum, the Iyoboya Kaikan, holds classes teaching how to make traditional shiobiki salted salmon. Many visitors from across the country visit in hopes of experiencing Murakami’s salmon culture for themselves.

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Trying on Armor “Sekikawa History and History” made by Ishioki Kobabuki and Neshu Moku built with the image of an important cultural property of the country
  • Sekikawa
    Activity: Try On Samurai Armor
     At the “Sekikawa History and Road Museum”, you can try on 15 kg of samurai armor. Inside the museum, there are historical Sekikawa and Watanabe Residence documents and exhibitions, as well as a model recreation of the former 18th century Yonezawa Kaidou.

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  • Awashimaura
    Activity: Hole Fishing
      This fishing activity has been enjoyed in Awashima since long ago. Only basic fishing equipment such as a hook, line, sinker, and rod are used. The only bait used is local supplies! Searching the beach’s rocks and finding where the fish and other sea life are living is part of the fun of hole fishing. Adults and children are sure to have a blast! What kind of fish can you catch?

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