“A Spiritual Journey Through the Three Mountains of Dewa”

  • This course goes through the three mountains, so the ideal season is from July through mid-October.
  • We recommend using a rent-a-car from Tsuruoka Station.

In this three day-long course, you’ll be able to see all three sacred Three Mountains of Dewa in the Shonai region of Yamagata Prefecture. It is said that one experiences a rebirth when visiting the mountains, with Mt. Gassan symbolizing the past, Haguro symbolizing the present, and Yudono symbolizing the future. Start with Mt. Haguro, where many famous sites such as the Michelin’s Green Guide three star cedar tree road, and the oldest Five Storied Pagoda in northern Japan are located. On the second day, enjoy Mt. Gassan’s beautiful alpine plants and views, and then make your way to Mt. Yudono’s shrine and recharge yourself in the sacred hot spring waters at the Yudono Sanrojo Mountain Lodge. After the pilgrimage to the three sacred mountains, experience historical Tsuruoka culture by staying at a traditional Japanese hot spring inn.



Day One

Tokyo→ Through Niigata→Tsuruoka Station→Mt. Haguro Zuishinmon→Five Storied Pagoda →Mt. Haguro Summit, Haguro Shrine Sanjin Gosaiden→Saikan Temple →Mt. Haguro Zuishinmon→Tsukinosawa Onsen Kitagassanso Hot Springs

Day Two

Tsukinosawa Onsen Kitagassan Sou Hot Springs→Mt. Gassan Hachiaime→Midagahara Nature Walk→Mt. Yudono Shrine→Hot Springs Inn within Tsuruoka

Day Three

Aomoriya→Kiyokawaya→Tsuruoka Station→Tokyo via Niigata

Day One


Mt. Haguro

The first stop is Mt Haguro, known as one of many power spots in the prefecture. Located in the entrance to the Haguro Shrine road is the Mt. Haguro Zuishinmon gate. Located on the left and right of the gate are gods holding swords and arrows to guard against any evil spirits. This is the entrance to the Three Mountains of Dewa, which covers Mt. Gassan and Yudono, as well. It is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes such as sneakers to walk the easily traversable 2,466 stone steps that lead up to the shrine.

Mt. Haguro, which is known as one of the leading power spots in the Yamagata prefecture
White costume rental is helping you absorb the power of nature

※White clothes rental

It is possible to rent traditional white monk clothing. At Mt. Yudono, rentals are located at the Sanrojo Mountain Lodge. At Mt. Haguro, this can be done at any visitor’s lodge or ryokan. Rentals are limited, so please reserve well in advance. It is said that if you wear this traditional all white clothing while walking Mt. Haguro or Yudono, you’ll be able to absorb even more of nature’s energy.

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An accommodation plan that includes dinner and breakfast at Tsukinosawa Onsen Kitazuki Sanso


Tsukinosawa Onsen Kitagassanso

Kitagassanso is an inn surrounded by beautiful nature near the Tachiyazawa River area. The inn offers plans including dinner and breakfast, which both let you enjoy traditional local cuisine. The hot springs of Kitagassanso are one of only three acidic springs within Yamagata Prefecture. Enjoy the outer and inner rest from the stresses of daily life here.

Closed: Every Tuesday and Wednesday from November-April, December 31-January 3rd, every second Tuesday of the month from May to October.

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Day Two


Mt. Gassan

Mt. Gassan has been selected as one of the top hundred mountains in Japan in several lists. You can drive up to the eighth point (Hachiaime) on the mountain. You can admire the many species of mountainous plants at Midagahara located nearby. Take a beautiful 60 minute stroll around the wetlands while enjoying fall leaves and beautiful plants that are maintained throughout the year.

Heading back towards the summit from Midagahara takes about 2.5 hours, and is recommended if you have the extra time to spare.

Open season: July 1st to mid-October (varies depending on snow conditions)

Gassan has been selected as one of Japan's 100 Famous Mountains and 100 Famous Flowers
Yudonoyama is a mysterious sacred place where you can “don't talk” and “don't hear”.


Mt. Yudono

Along with Ise and Kumano, this mountain is one of the top three sacred places in Japan. Mt. Yudono Shrine, considered the most holy of the shrines at the Three Mountains of Dewa, is famous for its strict no photos, no shoes policy. The Shugendo ground is also considered so sacred that one is neither to talk nor hear of what happens inside the shrine. Because the hot springs located on the mountain are believed to contain the spirits of deities, they are frequently visited by those who are visiting the shrine. To get to the Yudono Shrine, you can walk approximately 20 minutes from the Senninzawa parking lot, or take a bus (300 yen round trip).

The Mt. Yudono Toll Road runs from the end of April to November 3rd.


Shojin Otoshi

“Shojin Otoshi” is the traditional culture of Tsuruoka where, after a pilgrimage to the sacred Three Mountains of Dewa and hot springs, one would return to normal daily life and eating. Cap off the end of your pilgrimage by staying overnight at Yunohama, Yutagawa, Yura, or Atsumi Hot Springs, and relax in the springs, enjoy fine dining, and try the local Shonai sake.

Bathing in hot springs that are associated with the training mountain and receiving the blessings of the earth
Tsuruoka has a culture called

Day Three



At the cafe inside the fruits specialty shop Aomoriya, you can enjoy tarts, fruit salads, and fruit juices all made from fresh seasonal fruits. The fruit juice is made fresh right in front of you, and you can even get it (and the fruit tarts) to go. The shop is within walking distance from Tsuruoka Station.

Cafe hours: 10:30AM~6:30PM
Address: 7-24 Suehiromachi, Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture
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Enjoying tarts, fruit salads, and fruit juices that use plenty of seasonal fruits at the café attached to Aomoriya, a fruit specialty store



Kiyokawa, located within Tsuruoka Station, is a great place to find Yamagata souvenirs. From local sake to fruit, this shop has it all. The shop’s original “Dadako Pudding” and “White Paris Roll” sweets are popular.

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