Every city, town, and village in the Sea of Japan Kirakira Uetsu Tourism Area holds their own events both big and small throughout the year. Experience historical festivals, take part in sports events while viewing the area’s nature, and become part of the town by participating in local events.

Akita Prefecture

  • Nikaho
    Event name: Kakeyo Festival
    On this day, shipowners, praying for safety on the seas and a large catch of fish, carry big kandara cod fish through the city to Konourayama Shrine to give the fish as an offering. After the offerings, cod soup booths and other festivities are held.

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Yamagata Prefecture

  • Yuza
    Event name: Sake no Tsukamidori Taikai
    From early October to late December, tens of thousands of salmon make their way up the rivers of Yuza. 300 salmon are released into the Kasen Park Canals located behind Yuza Middle School, where you can have a go at catching the fish by hand.

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event-SAKATA city
  • Sakata
    Event name: Sakata Daihanjo Halloween Festival
    The former “Sakata Donshan Festival” that took place every year in the downtown area has had its name changed to the “Sakata Daihanjo Halloween Festival” with more of a focus on freedom for citizen participation.

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  • Tsuruoka
    Event name: Tsuruoka Tenjinsai
    In this event, two parades are held within the city. After meeting up at the Ginzadori intersection,the approximately 2,500 people all head to Tsuruoka Park’s festival grounds.

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  • Tozawa
    Event name: Tozawa Shin Soba Festival
    This festival gives you the chance to try Tozawa village’s limited soba handcrafted by top soba artisans. There are 900 total fresh boiled servings available for festival goers in both cold and hot form.

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  • Shonai
    Event name: Gassan Ryujin Marathon
    You can see the sacred Mt. Gassan and the famous Tachiyazawa River, which was selected as one of the most exquisite bodies of water in Japan, in this marathon. After the race, enjoy food with Japan’s most delicious rice from the Shonai region. This race is a perfect combination for those who love nature and food!

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  • Mikawa
    Event name: Mikawa Nanohana Festival
    Mikawa’s spring is known for blue skies and a yellow carpet of nanohana flowers on the ground. In the spring, the whole town of Mikawa gets together to celebrate the flowers in the Nanohana Festival. Anyone can participate in the photo shoot for the Mikawa PR group, Nanohana Musume.

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Niigata Prefecture

  • Murakami
    Event name: Murakami Taisai
    This festival of floats was designated as an intangible folk cultural asset and is one of the three major festivals of Niigata Prefecture. Three portable shrines, are used to transport the shrine's deity during the Otabi Shinji (journey ritual). There is also a night market to enjoy after seeing the main event.

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  • Sekikawa
    Event name: Echigo Sekikawa Great Serpent Festival
    This festival takes place every year in the last half of August. Festivities besides the Great Serpent parade include lantern floating, a fireworks display, a Bon festival dance, and fukumaki activities.

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  • Awashimaura
    Event name: Shimabiraki
    This festival’s main event is the serving of the local dish, wappani. Other activities include catching fresh fish with your hands, a fresh fish market, and a raffle for extravagant prizes.

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