Island Exploration Trip

Breathtaking scenery, beautiful plants and animals, abundant fish and other seafood, and other excitement that can’t be found ordinarily await you on two small islands in the Sea of Japan, Tobishima Island and Awashima Island. Let the invigorating sea breeze invite you to take an island trip!

Tobishima is a small island located in the northwest portion of Yamagata Prefecture’s Sakata City and has a circumference of approximately 10.2 kilometers. It’s known for it’s warm and clear waters that make it perfect for diving and swimming. Its also known for the tabunoki and hisasaki evergreen trees that grow there and make the area green year-round. It is also a popular bird watching area, as many birds in Japan migrate to the island in the spring and fall.


Awashima can be accessed by a 90 minute ferry ride from Murakami, Niigata’s Iwafune Port. This romantic island is filled with legends and traditions such as “Yasutsuki Kannon” and wild horses. The variety of beaches and rocky shores are great for fishing or just for viewing the beautiful scenery. The island is also known for its regional delicacy, wappani, which is cooked using hot stones.